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"Hello Gods of the Spikeball, 

Forgive me... I have committed the unforgivable sin. After a long day of doin' me and spiking hard on the beach, I got back home and was letting my net dry out after washing it off, and my adorable puppy decided that she wanted to be a bear and chew one of my rim pieces. Although I love her dearly, she almost met her cruel fate that day. I have since forgiven her, but my spikeball net has not. 
Is there any way y'all can send me just a rim piece? It's the old set, so it's the one with the movable hooks, so hopefully y'all still have those. If not, let me know so I can go end my dog's life. I'd be glad to pay for it if need be. 
Thanks, Cole P.

Chicago Spikeball Tournament: June 14th- register now!

We're getting pretty psyched for the upcoming Chicago Spikeball Gran Slam Tournament on June 14th.  Some of the country's top teams will be there.  Chico Spikeball, Handsome Beavers, Nashburg and more will be competing!



Register here to join us! 

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