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Official Announcement

Official Announcement: As of June 1st, Pro Sets (and balls) will become the standard for all USA Spikeball sanctioned events. Why now? Roundnet is a rapidly evolving sport. If we always waited until the next year to make any new changes we would be no where close to where we are today. With change will come some growing pains, but our goal is that the sport is played on the best equipment possible, so that we can elevate it to the next level. The Governing Board made this decision roughly a month ago but we screwed up and forgot to give the general public a heads up until now. For that we are sorry. However, we are optimistic that with the right attitude this change will be best for our sport and community in the long run. Spike on.

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Kurt Kosmowski
Kurt Kosmowski

July 17, 2016

Saw Spike Ball at the Iowa State Games in Ames while on client business promoting the 2017 State Games of America. Good luck with your product. – Kurt Kosmowski, The Kosmowski Group

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