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The Biggest Spikeball Club in the... World!

It's safe to say that Fuquay Varina High School has the biggest Spikeball club we've ever seen.  With over 70 members, the sport has grown exponentially. We at Spikeball Inc. were incredibly impressed with their growth, so we decided to ask Owen Findley, the President, some questions to find how it all started and what led them to having such a successful club. 

Who was involved in starting this club and how did they hear about Spikeball?

I discovered the game earlier in the summer and we spent the whole summer playing it at Carolina Beach.  Back at school I started the club and am now the President.  I recruited my friends David Thole and Ben Bunze, they helped me get the club approved by the school.  I then asked my English teacher, Mr. Cassiday, if he would be our club sponsor. He was psyched to be a part of it because he actually had started a Spikeball intramural league at Campbell University.


How many members do you actually have in your Spikeball club?

There are currently 75 members.


I noticed your mascot is a Bengal, does that correlate into to your play style?

Yes, we use the Bengal's quickness, strength and wits to outplay our opponents. 

How were you so successful at getting members to join the club?

I am not going to lie. I am kind of a "big deal."  More seriously, we tried to get all types of kids involved.  We have a wide variety of students and everyone loves Mr. Cassiday. I think the fact that it is so diverse and we welcome all levels of play attracts a lot of students.  The school has also been helpful to give us fields to use every week.

Do you guys play together frequently?

Yes.  Our club officially plays every Friday after school.  We usually have 50 to 60 people stay after school to play.  David Thole and Ben Bunze are very big into organizing optional practices over the weekends at some local beach volleyball courts.

If you were to compare your club to a food, what would it be and why?

Starburst because our spikes are so juicy.

If you had sent your 3 best teams to Nationals, where would they of placed?

I think our #1 could have given Chico a run for their money.  Our #2 and #3 teams probably would take top 50.


Whats in store for the future of FVHS Spikeball?

We are hoping to host a tournament in the Spring.  More details on in the near future!



If you and your club or school have a similarly awesome Spikeball story, drop us a line at


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