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The Approach: Buddy Hammon

You asked, we delivered.  The Crop Circle caught up with Buddy Hammon of the Handsome Beavers and found out about school life, Spikeball memories, and the future of it all.  Everyone can agree Buddy Hammon is a beast on the Spikeball court but he is also a quirky, fun loving dude working hard to graduate from San Diego State University.  We dug deeper and took a step into the world of this Spikeball legend.

The Crop Circle: How are you today Buddy?  What's new in your life?

Buddy Hammon:
Today I feel accomplished. While most SDSU students are studying for finals, I created a 20 ft by 100 ft slip n slide on campus in the rain with baby soap to reduce friction. Of course I put a Spikeball set at the end... Video to come. #college

CC: How important is graduating to you and what does that mean for your professional Spikeball career?

Graduating with a degree in Kinesiology - Fitness Specialist serves a great importance to me. This is my final year of school before the real world and Senioritis is coming in hot. Once I get my degree, I will be able to fully commit my time to dominating the sport while giving advice about the human body, helping America become a fitness powerhouse and keep kids active!

CC: When/how did you first learn of Spikeball and what is the biggest impact it has had on your life?

Bryce bought a game online called Kan Jam that our East Coast friends taught us. Upon checkout, he saw a link that recommended Spikeball. He sent me a video and I bought a Spikeball set on the spot, no hesitation and the rest is history. This new sport has provided me with a new type of community full of active, positive, bodacious individuals and those connections with people from New York, Nashville, Chicago and especially Chico are simply irreplaceable.

CC: Who is your partner in crime and how did you guys come up with the team name Handsome Beavers? Or do you just really like beavers?

Bryce Clifford. 24. Banned from 3 different countries for 7 different reasons. Registered freak of nature. Been brothers since I was 9 years old. A combination of our passion for beavers and Bryce's filthy beard generated the team name Handsome Beavers. Did I forget to mention that we're also really, really ridiculously good looking?

CC: So, how many tournaments have you two competed in together?

I'd have to count all of my 2nd place mugs but upwards of 13 I believe. Each one bigger and better than the last.

CC: Do you have a favorite one? Why?

Without a doubt it has to be the Long Beach Classic when Bryce and I finally took down our longtime rivals Chico Spikeball. It was our first 1st place finish ever and finally gave me the sense of accomplishment which I yearned for. The pain of coming up short in 10+ consecutive tournaments was finally relieved when I saw that final ball hit the ground to beat Chico. Beyond the competitive aspect, Summer Spike 2013 was an experience in its own. That after party would have made Charlie Sheen take a step back.


CC: What makes you better than 90% of the other players out there?

Innate genetic predisposition. Athleticism runs in my family from my fathers surfing/dirt biking abilities and my momma's dance grooves. Baseball for 15 years and growing up with the team mom of the century accelerated my Spikeball development as well. Shoutout to momma Hammon!


CC: If you could make one wish to the Spikeball gods what would it be?

Beyond being one of the best (and remaining healthy to compete at the highest level), I would wish for continuous growth of the sport and community as a whole. That being said, I have all the confidence in the world that Spikeball will flourish in coming years.

CC: What is the future of Spikeball in your eyes?

International tournaments. Worldwide takeover. My dream is to be able to take my Spikeball abilities and people skills across the seas to teach people in other countries this beautiful sport. We have the potential to change so many lives and there's nothing holding us back. Spikeball will be a household name and a worldwide phenomenon

CC: Leave us with one fun fact about Buddy Hammon.

As a freshman in high school, I topped the scales at a solid 5 feet, 100 lbs... It gets better all you late bloomers out there.


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