Shaun Boyer Great article on the expansion of Spikeball by Uloop: College Sports N 'An up-and-coming sport that comes with a movable court, easy access and a guaranteed good time that has yet to hit mainstream venues is Spikeball.Beginning as a recreational game, Spikeball has grown into a national movement with tournaments, intramural college teams and even National Championships.To describe the mixture of sports that are combined to create the unique game, says on a homepage advertisement, “If volleyball and four square had a baby, it would be called Spikeball.”Played in doubles, the setup of the game is actually very comparable to volleyball. There is a circular net that resembles a small trampoline, which essentially acts the same as a volleyball net, but faces up instead of strewn across a court.Players get three hits, like in volleyball, to hit a small ball onto the net to the other team, allowing only one bounce on the net. Essentially, when a player hits the ball at the net to bounce to the other team it is the same as when the ball crosses the net in a volleyball game.Avid player and member of the 2014 National Championship Spikeball team, Shaun Boyer, said while the sport is similar to volleyball, Spikeball has more opportunities for players to hone their skills and prove themselves on a national level...' For the full article click here. spikeball, sports
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