1 FREE Kitten Shipped w/ Every Purchase At!

In an effort to help curb a cat population that is spiraling out of control, Spikeball Inc. will be shipping 1 free cat with every purchase made at “We’ve noticed that friendly, frisky felines LOVE playing with the Spikeball balls. What better way to let them have some fun and get a great new home than by shipping them to customers?”, said Spikeball Inc.’s VP of Feline Operations, Ronda Rousey.

“While some may think this is a bit inhumane, the goods folks at Spikeball Inc. promised us they would poke a few holes in the box to make sure our little furry friends are safe during the trip,” said Kylie Jenner, spokesperson for the non-profit,

Postal workers are asked to exercise caution during delivery as the four-legged, vicious, with claws freshly sharpened, wild animals may be a bit cranky from their trip. Children opening the Spikeball boxes are encouraged to wear eye protection, fang-proof gloves, a full body suit made of Kevlar, have a stun gun ready, and a few dead birds as decoys to protect themselves. Enjoy the world’s greatest new sport and uh, your new cat!

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August 19, 2016

Awww so cute can I plz have it I will take good care thx :)

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