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HUB INFORMATION - International Spikeball® Day!


So, you've all heard about International Spikeball Day by now.  What you're probably wondering is, where can I play? 

Below you'll find all of the information for our Hubs, 6 major Spikeball markets that will be hosting gigantic meet-ups of Spikeballers within the area.  At each of the Hubs Spikeball, Inc. will be providing infrastructure for contests, prizes, giveaways, and a ton of other awesome Spikeball Day fun.

Each link will provide you with more information and details about that particular Hub.  If you have any questions, as always, reach out to us at [email protected] with subject line: "Spikeball Day".


New York City - Sheep's Meadow in Central Park


Chicago - North Avenue Beach


San Francisco - Crissy Field Beach East


Los Angeles (Long Beach)Alamitos Beach


Nashville - Centennial Park


DenverCheesman Park


Over the next week we'll be rolling out the details for ALL of the events going on around the country.  So far we've had people reach out to us that are hosting kids' clinics, full on USA Spikeball tournaments, philanthropy events for some amazing causes and countless other #SpikeballDay initiatives.   Keep an eye our across our social media platforms for more #SpikeballDay news.  And, as always, spike on.



Abram Scipione
Abram Scipione

August 30, 2016

Prior to export from the United Kingdom, your parcel will be sorted to its destination and go through customs at our International hub in Coventry. Your parcel will then go forward for export. We are sorry that you did not find this answer useful. Please tell us why and help us to improve it.


March 22, 2016

Could I be a part of this event, and host a tournament in Charlotte NC?
Check out what I do!


July 01, 2015

Any tournament going on at Malibu Beach, CA?

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