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New USA Spikeball Governing Board

Dear USA Spikeball Community,

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you, the USA Spikeball Governing Board. Skyler Boles, Harding Brumby, Jenna Coleman, Michael Eberhardt, Dylan Fogarty, Chris Ruder, Thomas Summers, and Cody Thompson make up the board. All are long-term 'Ballers that have a deep passion to build the sport of roundnet.

So, what will this board do? We have been in existence for a few months and are working on building systems to make tournaments run smoother, tightening the rules of the sport, helping tournament directors, and doing what's possible to advance the sport as a whole. The board has calls every few weeks and we hope to start posting an overview of what was discussed in each meeting. These will most likely be posted on the USA Spikeball Facebook group. We want to make sure we are hearing ideas and concerns from the community. The most efficient way to reach the board is to post comments on the USASpikeball Facebook group (click if you're not a member). We look forward to working with the community to make the next great American sport. Please let us know (here: how we can work together to achieve that.

Thank you,

USA Spikeball Governing Board

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Erik Pettit
Erik Pettit

September 22, 2015

Dear Spikeball Governing Board members,

My name is Erik Pettit and I am a junior at THE University of Connecticut. Here at UConn, Spikeball is almost as popular as Tim Howard after the World cup, and about as exciting as witnessing not one, but two national championships. I have seen many students, as well as my buddies and I, play it around campus; however, this is not enough. Spikeball could be much more popular at a university that prides themselves on athletics (shoutout to Kemba, Shabazz, Emeka, and Ray).
I am a marketing major with a certificate in MIS and for my project management class I have to hold an event on campus and I thought Spikeball would be a perfect idea, seeing it would be tons of fun, and can help an up and coming business such as yourselves spread awareness for the phenomenon that is Spikeball. I know my group and I, as project manager, would be capable to pull off a tournament that would benefit the students, the community, and your company. The profits from the tournament would be donated to a charity of my groups choice and I truly believe it would be a win win for Spikeball. If my project gets picked, which I was told it would be, the event would be mid October. I was wondering if you can donate supplies, such as spikeball sets or whatever you seem fitting for the occasion. Thank you so much for your time and let me know what you think! Keep Calm and Spikeball on.
Thanks again,
Erik Pettit

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