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US Olympian Matt Hamilton Trains with Spikeball

In a recent interview with NBC, Team USA Curler Matt Hamilton shares his love for his dog moose, training, and Spikeball. Check out some of the questions below:


Is there anything you do for training that’s out of the ordinary or experimental?

I like cross training in the summer by playing different sports. The traditional gym and jogging aren’t my favorite way to get and stay in shape. I like playing golf, tennis, Frisbee, Spikeball and other games that can help me stay limber and strong.


Do you play any other sports?

All sorts of sports. I am pretty good at most sports but only turned out to be great at curling. Golf, soccer, volleyball, disc golf, ultimate, tennis, basketball, Spikeball, softball, etc.


Outside of training for your sport, what physical routine makes you feel your best?

I love playing Spikeball. It’s a great warm-up and it’s fun to play.

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