Cross Train Sports Thread

Pro Athletes cross train with Spikeball

"Off" Day for the 49ers

At the end of 2017 Training Camp, the 49ers broke out the Spikeball sets to blow off some steam.

ATL Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks implement Spikeball into their training regime to get the blood flowing and improve footwork. We visited them in Sept 2019 and that is when Trae and the Hawks became a force to be reckoned with.

USA Wrestling - Active Recovery + Sport Specific Benefits

“Spikeball is analogous to what we do. It’s more lateral movement and cutting and back & forth, which is similar to the skills we need. And more than that, it’s really fun.”

-USA Men’s Wrestling coach Bill Zadick

Part of the Crossfit WOD

Most Crossfitters break Spikeball out on rest day but some are incorporating it into the WOD. Here’s our favorite:

  • Two teams of 2 play a point of Spikeball
  • The losing team does 5 burpees
  • The winning team does double unders until their opponent finishes the burpees. Keep track.
  • The teams play another point....
  • The cycle continues until one team has completed 300 double unders total

The unofficial warm-up of the NHL

 "You’re just moving around, get your hand-eye going, competitive juices flowing too. It’s a lot of fun.”

-Connor McDavid two time reigning scoring leader.

Chelsea FC Goalkeeper Training

The goalkeepers at Chelsea FC use Spikeball to warm their reflexes up and add a little fun into their routine.