Benny Bachler | Team Spikeball

Benny Bachler

Graz, Austria

Meet Benny

I grew up in Graz, a rather small city, but still the second biggest in Austria. Ever since I can remember, I was into ball sports. It took me until I was 19 to find volleyball, which was the first sport I wanted to get competitive in. It was unrivaled until I discovered roundnet in 2017 and immediately fell in love, without even trying it.


After I was introduced to the competitive scene at the Euros 2018, I knew I had to cut down other parts of my life. This fast and mentally intense sport paired with the crazy community and the greatest human beings in it, I knew this was going to take up a lot of free time in the future!

Signature roundnet move?

Before the No Hit Zone, it was my lefty tweener. However, since we love to embrace defense, I'd go with the 100kg-man-bodyblock where I can take up a lot of space at the net.

What's one thing everyone should experience in your city?

Right in the center of Graz is this big hill with a clock tower on top. It's the city's landmark and looks like a shrunken version of the Big Ben. I'd take every visitor on this little trip where you can have a great view over the whole city and enjoy a small hike.

Fav song on repeat?

Freaks by Leoniden.