Dorian Améziane | Team Spikeball

Dorian Améziane

Tolouse, France

Meet Dorian

I was born and grew up in Toulouse, France. I'm very passionate about my city since it's clearly the best in the world 😍  I first started playing roundnet during my business studies in 2018. In my first game, I won all the points on my serves but found out later that you couldn't lob your opponent on your serve 😅 After table tennis, football and rugby, all my friends and family have been supporting me in roundnet tournaments for the past 2 years. I love that Spikeball allows us to play the most beautiful sport in the world.

Signature roundnet move?

Backspin or reverse drop shot.

What's one thing everyone should experience in your city?

You absolutely must try the bar Chez Tonton - Pastis Ô mètre. They serve "pastis", an aniseed (anise) drink and the atmosphere is incredible.

Fav song on repeat?

!I'll Be Back by Rilès.