Kalin Miramontes | Team Spikeball

Kalin Miramontes

Los Angeles, California

Meet Kalin

I was born just outside of Los Angeles, California and have lived there my entire life. Growing up, I played many sports, with volleyball being my main one. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I was introduced to roundnet. It started out as going to a few tournaments with friends to spectate but eventually I was forced by my friend to play with my roommate.
In 2019, my roommate and I formed a team called THUS, and we were hooked ever since. It has been amazing getting to be apart of the Spikeball community and make so many great friends from around the world!

Signature roundnet move?

My arsenal of serves. I have a pretty decent cut, jam, and (when it lands) lefty.

What's one thing everyone should experience in your city?

Secluded beaches in Malibu are my personal favorite and I would definitely recommend.

Fav song on repeat?

You can ALWAYS catch me listening to Harry Styles!