Megan Leybourne | Team Spikeball

Megan Leybourne

Mödling, Austria

Meet Megan

I was born in Munich, Germany and grew up in a small town in Bavaria called Grafing until the age of 8. We then moved to my mom’s hometown Mödling, Austria, where I've lived ever since. But to sort things out, I am not German. I am half Austrian and half American actually (my dad was American).
I first saw roundnet on a Facebook video and immediately fell in love with the vibe of the sport. A friend ordered the Spikeball Rookie Set and so my first time playing was in 2018. I really started to play competitively in 2020 and I couldn’t get enough! I got so hooked to the roundnet family and the whole spirit. To me, roundnet is so much more than just a sport, it's a lifestyle 💛

Signature roundnet move?

The bunny-hop-roll-thingy after hitting. A very uncommon way to avoid the No Hit Zone (inspired by my former gymnastics career).

What's one thing everyone should experience in your city?

In my small town, just outside of Vienna, you should definitely go hike to the Husaren-Tempel.

Fav song on repeat?

Cyclone by Sticky Fingers.