Michael Hsu | Team Spikeball

Michael Hsu

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Meet Michael

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I grew up with five younger siblings. My mom homeschooled us until I was a sophomore in high school, whenceforth I bravely ventured off into the real world to make friends for the first time.


At the end of freshman year, a friend introduced me to roundnet. I fell in love harder with roundnet than I had with any girl in my lifetime. Afterwards, I moved to Denver, Colorado, where I joined the competitive community, hosted countless pickups, and competed in tournaments across the country. I even met my girlfriend through the Spikeball App dms. I truly love Spikeball for the community it’s given me, and am proud to represent the brand.

Signature roundnet move?

In 2020, it was the backhand serve but now I’d say it’s the double fault. I’m also known for my unique hitting style, which is going for the hardest shot possible and succeeding 40% of the time.

What's one thing everyone should experience in your city?

If you’re a thrill-seeker, you MUST check out Cedar Point. I also worked at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for four summers and had the best days of my life there.

Fav song on repeat?

September by Earth, Wind and Fire.