Nelson Dziruni | Team Spikeball

Nelson Dziruni

Graz, Austria

Meet Nelson

I was born in the beautiful small city of Graz, Austria where Arnold Schwarzenegger originates from. My mother is from this city and my dad is from Zimbabwe, Africa. Before I even learned how to walk, I could kick a squash ball, the size of a lime, in a straight line. My ball talents were discovered.

Growing up my main sport was soccer but I always liked to learn and try new things whenever I had the opportunity. I played roundnet once in June 2018 and completely lost track of it until March 2019, but then I fell in love with it very quickly. You couldn't stop me from playing 7 days a week. After my first tournament, I was amazed at the community and I really enjoyed traveling around the world.

Signature roundnet move?

My defense for drop shot serves. I do not like to be dropped and I almost never get dropped.

What's one thing everyone should experience in your city?

A night hike up a small hill called Plabutsch. You get an amazing view over the city. It's super romantic and thrilling at night.

Fav song on repeat?

Sunshine from OneRepublic.