Spikeball Pro

The Official Tournament Set of the Spikeball Roundnet Association

Are you ready to go pro?


Sturdier legs and rims + fewer pockets.

2 Pro Balls enable added spin & control.

Portable ball pump, gauge, & pro carrying bag.

Free Tournament Registration* - $40 value!


There were 200+ tournaments hosted last year

There are 1,000,000+ spikeballers in the U.S.

There are 1,000+ ranked teams

There are 500+ games on the Spikeball App every month

Sold out

The people have spoken

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 127 total reviews


“Getting the spikeball pro set was basically the best decision of my young adult life. The end.”

Liz B.



“The Spikeball Pro set is well worth the money. It’s an amazing net that will bring your spikeball game to a whole new level. It really is the best purchase you will ever make.”

Zach M.


“This net is sturdier the balls are better, it is truly amazing.”

Gavin O.