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International Spikeball Day 2022



International Spikeball Day is a celebration of the sport of roundnet and its AMAZING global community.

If you love playing, this is the day to get outside and spike with someone old, someone new, someone borrowed, and someone blue.

Get Involved

Host or RSVP to an ISD pick-up game on the Spikeball App (iOS, Android) on July 16th.

Spikeball will be awarding prizes for:

  • The best group pic posted to Instagram.
    Make sure to tag @spikeball and get creative!
  • The best rally video posted to the Spikeball App.
  • The game with the most number of new App users! Encourage your friends, family, and community to download and RSVP to your game on the App! And attend, of course :)
  • The best rally video, featuring at least 2 women, posted to the Spikeball App.
  • *Bonus: All participants will receive our exclusive ISD badge on the App.

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