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Win Prizes by Playing Roundnet!




Our College RSVP contest is underway!! Current leaderboard above ^


This is a MASSIVE contest with tons of prizes up for grabs!


If you’re part of an active college roundnet club (formal or informal), you have a chance to be one of many winners.


Deets below:


How do I start?




Fill out the form and we'll add you to our list. Once you're in the system, all you have to do is host as many games and tournaments from your school account as you can! Joining late? No worries! This is a rolling contest and we'll have many ways to earn points throughout the contest.


We will be tracking the number of RSVPs from each school and updating the leaderboard bi-weekly so you can see how you stack up against the competition. Promote it within your club, get everyone involved. The key to winning this contest is unifying your community and getting them hyped to participate.


P.S. Check your email regularly because we have some surprises in store for you...



When does the contest start and end?


The contest will officially begin on March 4th and end on May 8th. We will announce results shortly afterwards and distribute prizes thereafter.


Is it okay if I join late?


Yes! This contest will operate on a rolling basis. The more the merrier, regardless of when you decide to join in. And we'll have many ways to earn points throughout the contest so don't fret. You'll still be a contender.

What is the goal of this contest?


Rally the College Roundnet troops! Host events from your school account on the Spikeball app and get as many RSVPs as you can. Each RSVP is one point. The school with the most RSVPs by May 8th will win the grand prize.


Ways to gain points through RSVPs include:


- Pickups with 4+ RSVPs/game.

- Tournaments with 32+ RSVPs get a 2x multiplier on the total number of RSVPs for that event.

- Participation in the App Challenges!

    •     - Members of your club may submit content on the app feed for the contest of that week.
    •     - Scores will range from 0-20 points depending on the quality of the post.
    •     - To claim your points, use #appchallenge, “#collegecontest” and insert the name of your college/university in your caption.

What can we win?


We have a ton of Spikeball prizes up for grabs PLUS additional prizes from our sponsors! Prize tiers include:  


Grand Prize:

- 8 Spikeball Pro Kits

- 12 Spikepacks

- 12 Hoodies

- 12 Beanies

- 12 Spikeball Shirts

- 40 Decals

- Lots of stickers!


2nd Place:

- 4 Spikeball Pro Kits

- 8 Spikepacks

- 8 Hoodies

- 8 Beanies

- 10 Spikeball Shirts

- 30 Decals

- Lots of stickers!


3rd Place:

- 2 Spikeball pro sets

- 4 Spikepacks

- 4 Hoodies

- 4 Beanies

- 8 Spikeball Shirts

- 20 Decals

- Lots of stickers!


Mini contests:

- SpikeBrites

- Apparel

- LE sets

- Much more

What if the grand prize seems out of reach?


Fear not! We'll have several mini contests scattered throughout the big one. You can compare these to bonus games. Once everyone is signed up, we'll compile an email list and end you the mini contests that will each last a week long. A couple examples include:


  • - School Spirit
  • - Spring Break
  • - SpikeBrite Nite

So what are you waiting for??

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