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Collegiate 'Baller

Your pricey tuition can finally be put to good use!

Spikeball is currently taking applications for ambitious collegiate Spikeballers who want to make a name for themselves on campus.  We won't go as far to say that as a Collegiate Spikeballer you will be better looking, more likable, and finally be able to talk to that cute girl in biology class... but you will.

Our ideal Collegiate 'Baller is outgoing, energetic, passionate about Spikeball, and has no more than two felonies.  That being said, we want anyone from the captain of the football team to the bench warmer for the quidditch team.  If you love Spikeball as much as we do, are trustworthy, will do what you say, and people tend to follow your lead, then you're perfect for the job.

As a 'Baller you will spread the 'Gospel According to Spikeball' to your friends, have access to exclusive Spikeball swag, and host Spikeball events at your school. Remember that time your mom told you to pay attention in school? Well this has nothing to do with that, all we want you to do is have fun promoting a sport you love. 

Now, here is where we find out if you're (wo)man or mouse: If you are interested and would like to apply to become a part of the program click here.


It’s not the Spikeball in your life that counts. It’s the life in your Spikeball.

–Abraham Lincoln