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The Crew




Scott Palmer:

He is our guy that makes the entire machine work.  Some use the term “Operations” for what he does.  We know him as the guy that builds the behind-the-scenes-systems (inventory, customer service, e-commerce, shipping, etc) that allows all of us to have a blast playing Spikeball.  Without him, there would be no fun.  Did I mention that he’s 6’7”?  Did I mention that at age 29 still has dreams of making it to the Olympics?  Did I mention that he likes the color purple and I can’t stand it?  Now you know.  He heads up the world’s largest Spikeball team, Tiro United, played college football and tried out for the NFL.  Yea, thought so—what have you done?


Skyler Boles:

Skyler is our man on stage and the ultimate Spikeball teacher.  A recent grad of Cal State Chico, Skyler recently moved from Chico to LA to pursue his dream of making sure every person on the planet is aware of Spikeball.  He also makes up half of Chico Spikeball which has been the #1 ranked team as long we’ve had rankings.  If you see him on the street, ask him about his previous life as professional Halo player.  At age 14, he traveled the country flying to various tournaments chasing the ultimate nerdery title, Global Halo Champ.   


Joel Graham and Scott Wilson:

Joel and Scott: Rock solid interns/employees from Belmont University (Nashville).  They sent me a note out of the blue saying they love Spikeball and would like to become interns.  They said they couldn’t work during the days though because they would be in Northern Michigan for a month mushroom-hunting.  Yea, me neither, I had no idea mushroom hunting was a thing.  While their mushroom hunting careers were short-lived, they did prove themselves by working late every night from random coffee shops and treating our customers/players like the gods/goddesses that they are.    Oh yea, they also compete together as team “Nashburgh”.  They just may be the team to knock Chico Spikeball from the top spot.  On a recent trip to LA for a tournament Scott had his phone stolen in a public bathroom and Joel was approached by a stranger wanting to purchase his urine for $5.  The deal did not happen.


Michael Wald: (or is it Mike?  I'm still confused)

Wellesley (MA) to Lewisburg (PA...home of Bucknell University) to Madison (WI) to Chicago is the path that brought Michael our way. At first glance, we thought he was running from the law but it turns out he was just chasing his dream of making Spikeball a full time gig.  College is a place where a lot of people catch nasty diseases.  Bucknell University is where Michael caught one called, “Leave me alone, I’m playing Spikeball to cure my hangover!”  The bug didn’t let go and the next thing you know he and his friends are in Chicago competing in a tournament.  Thankfully, I (SpikeballChris) was there to knock him out in the first round.  Michael is the guy that runs and creates the systems to make sure all shipments go out on time, manages our largest retailers, tracks all of our equipment (tents, sets, TV’s, explosives, etc), and, in general, helps keep this whole machine on the rails.   If you run into him, you can ask him about his love for Denzel and how he feels about ice cream on sand dollars.


Thomas Summers:

We had a desperate need for someone based in Nashville with experience as a DJ in Hiroshima.  Thankfully, we found that in Thomas.  Originally from Missouri, but now running things in Nashville, Thomas heads up USASpikeball and all things faith-based at Spikeball (we’re talking about you Young Life and CRU!).   That beautiful ranking system on is accurate and functional because of Thomas.  Consider a handwritten note thanking him.  He was the host of the largest Spikeball tournament (65+ teams!) and is starting to talk as if he’s a real Southerner.


Shaun Boyer:

Do you have an unhealthy, over the top, kinda-creepy, perverted love for the brand Spikeball? Do you tell the boss to hold on a second when you’re reading Spikeball-related emails? Maybe you laughed out loud at a Facebook or Instagram post? You can thank Shaun for all of this.   He’s the mastermind behind our social media marketing. On Shaun’s first day of work, we asked for his social security number so we could complete some paperwork. He gave me a blank stare and said he’d have to get back to me. That was fairly concerning until he told me he had perfect attendance until 5th grade. Impressive. Completely irrelevant, but impressive, nonetheless. Since then, he’s been killing it and spreading Spikeball love all over the world. Shaun, a Chico State grad, also makes up half of the dominant National Champion Spikeball Team, ‘Chico Spikeball.’


Chris Ruder:


I’m the guy that refuses to write in the 3rd person about himself.  This whole thing started with some friends and family as a bit of a crapshoot-- but it's working! (knock on wood).  I take pride in the fact that we’ve made hundreds of thousands of people cooler and better looking through Spikeball.  My team name is Get Off My Lawn, I rode my bike 3,300 miles across the country, visited all 50 states by the time I was 30, and I don’t like the words moist, nook, or cranny.  I have the world’s greatest responsibility--- making sure every person on the face of this Earth gets to play Spikeball.  None of this would be possible without the support of my lovely, smoking hot wife.  For her, I am eternally grateful.  Now, GET OFF MY LAWN!!


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