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If you haven’t tried it, YES, it’s as fun as it looks. And while we admit to being biased, anything from a lazy day at the beach to a “let’s keep score” competitive session with friends (and arch enemies) is better with Spikeball.

Still not convinced?? It's one of the easiest games to play. Only 4 players required and you can play anywhere: backyard, campground, beach, gym floor, you name it. Once players get a feel for the ball (~10 minutes) solid rallies, spikes and celebratory high fives quickly follow.

But that doesn’t mean the game is easy to master. Some competitive players practice year round and compete in Spikeball’s nationwide tournament series .


Combo Meal Set + SpikePack + 2 Glow Balls

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Spikeball Set + 11 Spikeballs + 2 Glow Balls + Blue Spikeball Hat

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Pro Set + 2 Extra Pro Balls + SpikePack + Water Bottle

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It's Spikeball, on the water.  

50% larger frame & ball for our younger and/or beginner players.

50% larger frame, 3 on 3 Spikeball!

For Tournament Players.
Tournament registration fee included.