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International Spikeball Day 2020

Quarantine Edition

How do I participate in ISD 2020?
1. Choose a challenge and re-create it on video. Each challenge has a prescribed # of rounds, hits or distance.
2.  Upload the video to the Spikeball App feed with #ISD2020
3.  If you completed the challenge at the prescribed level (or beyond!) you'll unlock a badge AND be eligible for the challenge prize.
Spikeball will pick 5 winners per challenge and 1 winner for the bonus challenge.


Prize: Spikeball Standard Kit

Challenge: Hand. Hand. Foot. Foot.

Submitted by: David Gonzales, U.S.A.

Pass to yourself in this order: right hand -> left hand -> right foot -> left foot. Go through the full cycle 3 times in a row to complete the challenge. Add rounds or body parts for extra credit.

Challenge: The Sauce Costs Extra

Submitted by: Ryder Rivadeneyra, U.S.A

Consecutively hit the ball of the net with these three hits: regular hit, between the legs tweener, behind the back. Go through the full cycle once to complete the challenge. Add rounds or different specialty hits for additional sauce.


Prize: Spikeball Standard Kit + Spikebuoy

Challenge: The Tightrope

Submitted by: Cristobal Schweitzer, Chile

Place two balls on the net no more than 8 inches apart. Using your 3 touches, hit between the two balls. 5 shots on net to complete the challenge but how long can you keep the rally going?

Challenge: The No Looker

Submitted by: Frede Crete, Montreal, CA

Start facing away from the net and serve the ball in a backward motion while not looking. Complete at least 3 serves in a row (extra points for longer streaks).


Prize: Spikeball Pro Kit + Spikebuoy

Challenge: The Yosemite Slam

Submitted by: Diego Quense, Chile

Toss ball #1 at least 10 feet in the air and 3 feet away from the net. Serve ball #2 off the net and into the descending ball #1. Bonus points for higher toss and Yosemite Slam themed celebrations.

Challenge: The Cue Ball

Submitted by: Fre Eskens, Belgium

Standing 6 feet from the net, toss ball #1 towards the net. While ball #1 is in the air, serve ball #2 into it, ricocheting ball #1 onto the net for a clean shot. Too easy? Have a friend toss ball #1 and set you ball #2. Still too easy? Hit ball #2 with a specialty shot like a tweener? Still still too easy? Sign up for nationals, we like your chances.

Bonus Challenge

Prize: Never before seen extremely limited edition Pro Kit

Make your own!
Do you have something nearly impossible you can pull off? The most difficult, creative, and/or unbelievable challenge that is submitted on ISD to the Spikeball App using the #ISD2020Challenge AND #MyChallenge will win a never before seen pro kit that not even SpikeballChris has...

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