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Love Letters..



[B. Johanson - Pensacola, FL]

“Spikeball was delivered to my house and I was like a kid on Chrismas. I opened it, set it up in my living room, and just bounced the ball to myself for a couple of hours…I felt that as soon as I became a Spikeball owner, I was insantly a better person and was held to a higher standard than all others.”

[D. Gutierrez]

“Spikeball. The game of the future. TV deal to come soon. I feel it. Watching NFL thinking about Spikeball.”

[J. Meyer - Wayland, MA]

“Spikeball is a total chick magnet…no more puppies needed for that.”

[Jack S. - New York]

“Spikeball was a prominent feature at my bachelor party and had the bouncer let us take it into the strip club, we would have kept playing through the night”

[Cathy R.]

“Great backyard and beach activity. As a mom, fun to get out and play with the teenagers and great to hear the laughter from our kids and all their friends. Just have to keep more snacks on hand and bake more cookies!”

[J. Kenoyer - Chicago, IL]

“Chuck Norris wanted a way to kick someone’s A$$ without killing them so he invented Spikeball.”


[R. Weaver]

“The sport that Jesus made. Fact.”

[S. T. Ripley]

“Spikeball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.”

[Keith P.]

“You’re not going to get famous playing other sissy games.”


[P. Mackeller]

“Spikeball – Smaller scale Volleyball. Larger scale Fun.”

[T. Callahan]

“When other sports dream, they dream they were Spikeball.”

[J. Thigpen]

“Dumbest. Game. Ever.”

[S. Boles - Chico, CA.]

“Volleyball and Foursquare had WAY too much tequila one night.”


[S. Thompson]

“5 S’s of Spikeball: Spike, Serve, Save, Set and Spike.”


“I would make babies with it if I could.”

[P. Jamieson]

“Clothes optional. Good times guaranteed.”

[A. Forrest]

“Best 4 player game you take and play anywhere! FACT.”

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