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Because every good sport has a lot of acronyms

TextThe Roundnet Player Rating (RPR) helps you understand how your skills stack up, what you can do to improve, and when you'll be ready to impress at your first Spikeball tournament.

RPR 1.0 - Basics
At this level a player understands the basic rules of roundnet, including the serving rotation and scoring.

RPR 1.5 - Consistency Under Control
Can serve the ball onto the net consistently when going for accuracy, not power. When under control, can consistently pass the ball toward the net and spike the ball.

RPR 2.0 - Rally
A player can run away from the net to play defense and then come back to the net to spike the ball for offense. Can hit powerful serves with a +50% success rate.

RPR 2.5 - Both hands
Ability to pass and spike the ball with both hands, although one hand may be more accurate than the other. Understands when to hit a drop shot or a big spike based on the defense's position.

RPR 3.0 - Tournament Ready: Intermediate
Can hit 2 different types of serves consistently onto the net. Can make accurate passes that account for teammate and defense's positioning. Can be in an ideal defensive position based on what the offense looks like they are doing, where they are positioned and where the ball is in relation to the net.

RPR 3.5 - 25 foot test. 
Able to spike the ball at least 25 feet with dominant hand. Using all 3 touches with a partner, can successfully return a shot that has traveled 25+ feet from the net.

RPR 4.0 - Tournament Ready: Advanced
Consistently puts the ball away with both hands. Has at least 4 offensive shots. Rarely makes mistakes when the ball is in complete control.

RPR 4.5 - Top 8 Advanced
Finished Top 8 in the Advanced Division at a Spikeball Sanctioned tournament.

RPR 5.0 - Premier
Qualified for Spikeball Premier Division by placing in the xyz (I don’t know what the exact criteria is)

RPR 5.5 - Pro
Placed Top 8 in a Premier qualified event. Plays roundnet more than they probably should.