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Spikeballer of the Week Interview Tips





  • If using an iPhone hold it horizontal, NOT vertical
  • Hold camera steady
  • Film outside in a QUIET place with good lighting (backyard, park, etc.)
  • Get close-ups (the closer the better)
  • Get shots of you playing and training
  • Get shots of you prepping for a game (before and after game shots are typically better than actual game shots)
  • Be creative, have fun
  • Print this out, practice your answers a few times before turning on the camera
  • Have a friend hold the camera AND act as the interviewer. He or she should sit facing you, asking you questions, just as they would in a normal interview.
  • Stretch the truth if you must
  • Have fun



  • Where do you live (City and State)?
  • College?
  • Occupation?
  • How has Spikeball helped your love life?
  • Team name?


  • Ever been arrested? If yes, details please.
  • Worst vacation?
  • How long have you been Spikeballin’ and how did you hear about the game?
  • If you caught the person that stole your Spikeball set, what would you do?
  • Have you ever purchased a Spikeball set as a wedding gift?
  • Favorite music group/artist?
  • What’s your training method? Strength, Diet, Mental, Big Mac?
  • Fill in the blank: “Spikeball and me go together like _____ and ______”
  • Describe Spikeball in 10 words or less.
  • What concert are you most embarrassed to have attended?
  • Tell me about your High School Prom.
  • Why should you be picked to be the Spikeballer Of The Week?
  • If selected, what will you do with your $63 prize money?
  • Pregame meals? Rituals? Superstitions?
  • Favorite Movie of all time?
  • What else does the Spikeball community need to know about you?
  • Any parting words for your ex?