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School is in session, nerds. If you’ve mastered the basics and want to keep improving, you’ve come to the right place.  2X National Champion Skyler Boles shares tips on everything from passing close to the net to defensive positioning. Watch the videos, pass the exam, get SpikeSchool certified!

Everything you need to graduate is covered in the lessons and quizzes below.  Once you feel like you've studied enough you can take the final exam to earn your SpikeSchool Certificate. Good Luck!

The Final Exam

You must get a perfect score to pass. 

The Final Exam


Lesson 1: Passing


Lesson 1 Quiz


Lesson 2: Hitting


Lesson 2 Quiz


Lesson 3: Defense


Lesson 3 Quiz


Lesson 4: Deception


Lesson 4 Quiz


Lesson 5: Serving


Lesson 5 Quiz