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Spikeball Philanthropy: Bucknell U. & Sigma Phi Epsilon Co-Sponsor Tournament for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America

December 17, 2014

The rise of Spikeball on college campuses across the country has been incredible. The infrastructure across the nation for intramural, club, and pickup Spikeball along with the college ambassador program (maybe link to the website’s page) has grown exponentially over the last 5 years. Recently though, we’ve seen schools’ philanthropic and Fraternity Spikeball endeavors increase as well. What follows is a recap written by Jared Lowenthal, the tournament director of one of our most recent events, a charity tournament at Buckenell University. Jared is an intern for the school’s athletic department and a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, who were both co-sponsors of this popular event.

The Approach: Buddy Hammon

December 11, 2014

You asked, we delivered.  The Crop Circle caught up with Buddy Hammon of the Handsome Beavers and asked him about school life, Spikeball memories, and the future of it all.  Everyone can agree Buddy Hammon is a beast on the Spikeball court but he is also a quirky, fun loving dude working hard to graduate from San Diego State University.  We dug deeper and took a step into the world of this Spikeball legend.


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