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Top Graduation Gift Idea: Spikeball for Your Teen's Next Adventure

Are you on the hunt for the perfect graduation gift for your teen? Want to be forever known as the cool parent? Say hello to Spikeball – the game that's captivating high schoolers everywhere and r...

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Hang up, hang out

October 12, 2023 Spikeball: The Game That's Getting Kids Off Their Phones In an age dominated by screens, where kids and teenagers are often engrossed in smartphones, tablet...

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Spikelove: Tom & Alli

It’s April 2018... Tom Rogers, a spritely young fellow living in Wales, has two weeks off in-between jobs. In the three years prior, he’d gotten heavily involved in the European spike scene, even c...

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What is Spikeball?

"The little black and yellow trampoline game..."

Knockoff Redemption

Sometimes you get rewarded for making a mistake...