Spikeball Weekender Set

$69.99 USD

The classic Spikeball set just got an upgrade…introducing The Weekender set. Whether you’re road tripping through the mountains or barbecuing on the beach, this sturdy new set is down for the ride and guaranteed to get your people on their feet.

Is this kit for me?

The Weekender is the go-to-kit for anyone wanting to play some casual spike with their crew 🤟 Take our kit quiz if you're not sure.

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Reviews from the people

Israel Y

Great Game

I’ve played this game a lot with coworkers as a team building exercise. I received it as a gift from my kids and brought it camping for a family reunion. Great hit with the grandparents, parents, and teens! Easy to pack in a car, quality material, favorite of those who try it out.

Kyle K

Best backyard game of all time hands down

I’m 32 y/o and play with a lot of the other dads in my neighborhood. We just wish this came out when we were younger lol. Great for everyone to play. It’s fun, great exercise, and so easy to pick up & play.

Nate K


Probably the easiest active outdoor sport to learn while being one of the most fun to play as well!

Chloe B

Fun & Challenging

Takes a little practice, but once you get the flow and momentum and it's so fun and exciting!

Richard M


College kids love it! Even took a beating and is fine.
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Sam M

Awesome upgrades from first net

Great product for any playing surface, sturdy and easy to setup, 2 size balls are nice for when you get kids want to play as well.

Gian R


This product is amazing is definitely a must have at the beach, so much fun with friends and family!!

Built Beefy

Our all-new beefy* legs and frame design keep your set in place whatever the weather. Guaranteed good times.

*Suitable for vegetarians

Easy net setup

Our new net alignment tabs make it super quick and easy to set up your net. So you can achieve that even net tension you've always dreamt about...

2 grippy, new balls

The Weekender comes with two new balls:  

1. Rally Ball: larger, textured ball, perfect for starting out and getting a feel for the game

2. Pro Style Ball: same size as our regular Standard Kit ball, but with a new grippy, textured material. Perfect for levelling up

Legendary Weekends With Your Crew

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