Buying & Reselling Kits

Now you're an Ambassador, you can purchase in bulk off of the portal and resell in person to friends, family, etc!

We have special pricing for ambassadors that brings your cost per set down heavily. You can then resell your personal inventory for whatever you choose! MSRP is $59 but if you wanna cut a deal for a friend, we've seen people sell anywhere from $45-55. Whatever you want :)

We don't have many rules so we ask you please follow the few that we do:

1. You can only sell to individuals, not companies, businesses, or schools. If you have a solid lead on a retailer or campus bookstore looking to buy and sell sets, fill out this form and we'll reward you. Not sure what we mean by selling? Find more info here.

2. You cannot sell or advertise pricing online (eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc).

3. Know our values, act accordingly, and please, please don't be a jerk. View our mission, vision and values here.

The creation of your Inner Circle account symbolizes your agreeance to the above terms. Any violation of these terms will lead in removal from our program.


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Standard Set Master Case (6 unités)Standard Set Master Case (6 unités)
Prix de vente€269,00
Pro Kit Master Case (4 unités)Pro Kit Master Case (4 unités)
Prix de vente€299,00