The fun bar just got raised

Great for kids & families

XXL Rallies

Spicy design 🔥

Your new hands

Think of your SpikePaddle as your new hands, but bigger and less... meaty. The larger surface area makes getting a touch on the ball that bit easier, which means longer rallies!

Rallies on rallies

We like to spice things up every now and again. With the increased surface area and inability to add as much spin and pace to the ball, players can get longer rallies using SpikePaddles. And we all know longer rallies = more fun 🔥

Fun for families

It's easier for kids to play with paddles than their lil' palms. Playing with your fam just got a whole lot more fun. SpikePaddles come in a pack of 4 so everyone can get stuck in.

Dropping in February

Future you looks like...