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Kyle K

Best backyard game of all time hands down.

I’m 32 y/o and play with a lot of the other dads in my neighborhood. We just wish this came out when we were younger lol. Great for everyone to play. It’s fun, great exercise, and so easy to pick up & play.

Nate K

"Most fun to play"

Awesome!! Probably the easiest active outdoor sport to learn while being one of the most fun to play as well!


"Made so many friends"

I am a college freshman and I have been playing since my senior year of highschool so not that long. But let me say this product has got me outside so much this past summer and I have made so many friends playing spikeball here at college. I would recommend getting this not only for the product but the community is so nice!



Words can't describe my overall experience when I opened that box and started playing spikeball. 99/10, would play again (or every day). But seriously, this is one of the best investments anyone can make. It brings people together and everyone always has a good time. Much love for this game and its community.


"AWESOME community"

11/10. Spikeball and Roundnet are amazing. Roundnet also has an AWESOME community. It is so much fun and if you ever get the chance to go to a tournament you should definitely go. It is an amazing experience. Thank you Spikeball for all that you do! :)

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