5 Reasons Why SpikePaddles Are A No-Brainer For Families

5-Reasons-Why-SpikePaddles-Are-A-No-Brainer-For-Families Spikeball Store

The fun bar just got raised. And SpikePaddles are the reason.

Designed for the ultimate family showdown, these pickleball-style paddles are about to revolutionize your family gatherings. Doom scrolling is dead. The rules are the same as regular Spikeball, except think of your SpikePaddles as your new hands...

Here are five reasons why SpikePaddles are game-changer for families:

1. Literally anyone can play

There aren't many games that can get little Jimmy AND Great Aunt Dolores involved. The larger surface area of SpikePaddles compared to your hands make it easier to get touches on the ball, making it easier for everyone to get rallies. 


2. The ultimate road-trip companion

Planning a family getaway? SpikePaddles & our Spikeball kits' compact size and lightweight designs make them easy to pack and transport. Take the fun wherever you go, turning any location into a pickleball x Spikeball arena. Beach, camp ground, college campus, gym, backyard... wherever your heart desires. Pair up your SpikePaddles with any Spikeball kit - we'd recommend the Weekender for extra travelly vibes.

Weekender kit

3. Hardy & lightweight design

SpikePaddles are designed to withstand the intensity of a highly competitive family olympics (the most intense of all family gatherings). Super robust construction guarantees longevity, ensuring you can enjoy countless matches without worrying about wear and tear. The SpikePaddles boast a lightweight design that makes them the ideal choice for players of all ages. The comfortable grip ensures a secure hold, and the durable construction means these paddles can handle kids and (over-zealous) adults alike. 


4. Versatility Unleashed

Whether you're craving the classic pickleball vibe or the fast-paced action of Spikeball, SpikePaddles are your ticket to an endless variety of family-friendly showdowns. You don't just have to use your new SpikePaddles on your Spikeball kit.


5. Bringing the fam back together ✊

Once you get your first rally, you will all be addicted. Trust: you'll be in the backyard for hours. Get the whole fam together and have some good quality time together!


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