SpikePaddle Kit

$59.99 USD

Introducing your new pair of hands: Spikepaddles. It's the same Spikeball you know and love but just a bit less... palmy.

Played in teams of two; team one serves by tossing the ball and hitting it (using their Spikepaddle) down on the net towards team two. Just like volleyball, team two has up to 3 alternating hits (ie, bump, set, spike) before they have to hit it back on the net with their Spikepaddle.

The extra surface area of the Spikepaddles makes it easier to get touches, meaning longer rallies and more fun with your crew!

Includes 4 Spikepaddles & 2 balls (one pickleball & one Spikepaddle ball - take your pick!)

*Spikeball Kit not included

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A whole new way to play

What's in the box?

2 Yellow SpikePaddles

2 Black SpikePaddles

1 Travel Carry Bag

1 Paddle Ball

1 Pickleball

Quality & style

SpikePaddles Material: Made from wood and built to last. Lightweight design means that young (and not-so-young) ballers can enjoy playing.

Grip: Comfortable and durable cushioned grip for ease of handling over long periods of time.

Travel-size carry bag

Includes our handy, travel-size Spikeball carry bag to transport your Spikepaddle kit to and from the beach, park, school yard, family BBQ or wherever you plan on Paddle-spikin'.

Great for kids & families

XXL rallies

Spicy design

Add a Spikeball Set

SpikePaddles pair up with any of our sets!

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Spikeball Weekender SetSpikeball Weekender Set
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Sale price$59.00 USD
The Original Spikeball Kit 1-BallThe Original Spikeball Kit 1-Ball