$59.00 USD

Designed alongside PE teachers, the New Rookie Set is made for kids 13 and under. It comes with a larger ball and playing net than the standard Spikeball set, making it easier to learn the game and keep points going!

  • EASIER SETUP - 5 new net markers and leg tabs for faster and easier net installation
  • MORE DURABLE - Thicker and heavyweight rims to handle the hardest of spikes
  • BOUNCIER BALL - A slightly smaller ball (compared to the original Rookie) means less pressure on the set and more competitive rallies

Is this kit for me?

The Rookie Kit was designed for kids / beginners. The bigger net and ball makes it easier to get rallies going.

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The OG brand

XL frame

The Rookie set is 50% larger than the Pro Kit, making it a bigger (and easier) target to hit!

Perfect for kids

Build alongside PE teachers, the Rookie kit is perfect for the kiddos.

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