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Getting started with Spikeball

Equipment Tips

  • Ball inflation: Your ball should be 85% inflated right out of the box. This is the recommended amount. Add air for more bounce, but be careful as the ball will be harder to control!
  • Net tension 1: Pull the net really tight and feel free to re-tighten as it breaks in.
  • Net tension 2: Once your net is installed drop a ball from shoulder height over the center of the net. The ball should bounce up to at least knee height.

Assembling the Net

Different ways to play

Brand new to the game? Here’s a few variations that can help you get started on your way to becoming a Spikeball pro. If you’re having fun, you’re playing the right way!

1. Catch and Throw

For our youngest spikers. Players throw the ball off the net and catch it.

2. Pass and Spike

Hit the ball to another player to try to spike it off the net. See how long you can keep the rally going.

3. Standard Roundnet

Standard rules. Similar to volleyball, one team serves the ball off the net. Their opponents have up to 3 alternating hits (think bump, set, spike) to return the ball onto the net.

4. 1 vs 1

Similar rules to 2 vs 2 but each player has up to 3 individual hits to return the ball onto the net.