Roundnet 101


You just got your Spikeball Set and you're ready to get playing. Nice! Here's everything you'll need to know in order to set up your equipment and start spiking. The truth is, it's pretty simple, we're just here to make sure you spend less time wondering and more time having fun.

Setting up your net

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In your bag you should have 5 leg pieces, 5 rim pieces, 1 net, and at least 1 ball.

1. The first step is to connect all of your legs and rim pieces in order to form a raised circular rim that's supported by the legs.

2. Next, fashion the net to the rim. Do this by connecting the net in five equal points around the rim where each of the legs stand.

3. From there you can go around the rim and attach the rest of the net to fill in the gaps with similar distribution.

4. To check if you've done it correctly we recommend dropping a ball on the net from eye level and if it bounces above your waist you're at a good level.

5. Finally, call up some friends and get after it.

How to play

Easy variations to learn...

Catch and Throw

For our youngest spikers. Players throw the ball off the net and catch it.

Pass and Spike

Hit the ball to another player to try to spike it off the net. See how long you can keep the rally going.

Standard Roundnet

Similar to volleyball, one team serves the ball off the net. Their opponents have up to three alternating hits (think bump, set spike, to return the ball onto the net.

1 vs 1

Similar to 2 vs 2 but each player has up to three individual hits to return the ball onto the net. You don't have to use all three but it will probably give you more control.