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International Spikeball Day

We are excited to announce that this year’s International Spikeball Day will take place on July 11th, 2015.  Spikeball Day is exactly what is sounds like - a beautiful celebration of Spikeball with your friends, loved ones, and fellow Spikeballers all across the world.  At Spikeball Inc. we’ll be providing infrastructure across the United States, in Canada, and in Europe to participate through a series of “Hubs” and company-supported tournaments, meetups, discounts, clinics, and contests.  Check back across our social media channels and website for more information over the coming weeks, but for now, THE FACTS:
Why July 11th? We did not choose July 11th, the Spikeball Deities did.  Why? Only because July 11th is squeezed oh so gently in between our Nation’s birthday and the birthday of the Godfather and CEO of Spikeball, Chris Ruder, on July 15th.
What is the most important part of Spikeball Day?  Playing Spikeball.
Where can I play on Spikeball Day? Literally anywhere!  Your backyard, your friend’s lake house, the moon, a cave, Mt. Everest, the beach, the local turf field, in a pool, on top of a building, on the Grand Canyon, ok ok, you get it.  If you want to meet other Spikeballers and play in all sorts of ad-hoc tournaments and learn about the game, you might want to check out a "Hub”!
What is a Hub?  A “Hub” is a loose term for a gigantic meet up of Spikeballers, several of which will be going on during Spikeball Day.  Tentatively we’ll have Hubs in Central Park in NYC, North Avenue Beach in Chicago, Long Beach in California, Nashville, and Denver.  We are also looking into having a “Hub” in Montreal and Europe.
What can you do to make International Spikeball Day awesome? First of all, be yourself.   Also, you can share this blog post across your entire network.  You can play in the most outrageous place that anybody could possibly play.  You can play in a city or a state or a country that no one else will be playing in.  You can beat Chico Spikeball and never let them hear the end of it.  You can TEACH somebody how to play Spikeball.  More people knowing about Spikeball, now that is awesome.
Does it get better than International Spikeball Day?  No, quite frankly, it doesn’t.
Use hashtags #SpikeballDay and #WhereWillYouPlay to join in on the conversation!


***All order’s before June 24th will be guaranteed to be delivered by July 11th (Spikeball Day)!

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