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Take Spikeball To Work Day

Because the only thing better than bringing your child to work is bringing your child to work AND playing Spikeball. Or, if you don’t have a kid, just treat the Spikeball set as if it was your own flesh and blood. 

What’s Take Spikeball to Work Day all about?

The premise is simple: playing and celebrating Spikeball with your team, AT WORK! Spikeball is great for...

  • Team bonding – take a break from the grind and teach some of your colleagues about one of your passions
  • Mental health – there’s no better way to relieve some stress than with a little competitive joy.
  • Mixing it up – change the monotony of your week with a little Spikeball at work. Everyone you work with appreciate you for this, trust us.
  • Fun – Spikeball is quite literally the definition of fun. Teach your colleagues, challenge your boss, dive over some desks, take the team outside – the possibilities are limitless! 

How Can I Participate?

Start by filling out this form below.  

Upon completion, you’ll get an email outlining all of the ways that you can participate. We’ll have a scavenger hunt, prizes for best participating offices, contests like “Take a photo of you teaching your CEO how to play” and a ton of other lovely things to partake in.


Will there be an Official Hashtag?

Great question, yes! Please tag all posts on Instagram, Twitter and the like with #TakeSpikeballToWorkDay. We'll be doing random contest giveaways all day with anyone who uses that hashtag.


Look out for more info over the next week!


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